Case Studies


Our results for clients have included:

  • Increased market share
  • Increased share of voice
  • Improved coverage and reimbursement
  • Greater program impact, sustainability, and ROI
  • More fruitful, efficient partnerships
  • Legislative change

Funding for non-profits and start-ups:

Client: Association of Black Cardiologists

Project: Heart Healthy Mississippi — grassroots cardiovascular risk reduction initiative

Challenge: Pressures on pharmaceutical industry reduced usual sources of funding, particularly those in concept stage

Strategy: Approach United States Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health

Results: Deputy Assistant Secretary of Health visited Association headquarters for tour, signed Memorandum of Understanding creating long term relationship between the two entities, and provided a $100,000 seed grant for planning.

Greater program impact, sustainability, and ROI:

Client: AstraZeneca/VoxMedica

Project/Audience: My Medicare Matters — Medicare Part D Outreach to Seniors


  • Shift from traditional Medicare,
  • Complex program (40 plans per state)
  • Hard to reach audience with information-receiving issues


  • Developed key relationship with National Council on the Aging and their network
  • Developed coalition of community groups with CMS
  • Cultivated and Coordinated Events with partner organizations in DC/VA/MD
  • Participated in matrixed national implementation of advocacy and media campaigns

Results: More than 200 events in Metropolitan DC Area reaching 20,000 seniors and their families; Enrolled 14,000

Increased market share:

Product: Cylex Immunknow Assay – Immune System Function Test

Target Audiences: Transplant Physicians and Patients


  • Little product or company recognition beyond clinical trial sites
  • Physician resistance to need for product


  • Created message platform that redefines and increases expectation for long-term post-transplant stability
  • Developed physician champions/KOLs to share and endorse research
  • Engaged cadre of early adopter patients to generate demand and implement authentic viral marketing campaign
  • Worked with transplant policy setting organizations to integrate Test into guidelines and standards for patient management


  • 45% Growth
  • 3rd Round VC funding achieved

Legislative and regulatory change:

Product: Guilford Pharmaceutical’s Gliadel Wafer (now part of Eisai)

Target Audience: CMS

Challenge: Barriers to prescription of product misunderstood


  • Interview cancer center directors to discover true product perceptions, barriers to use – lack of appropriate reimbursement identified
  • Prepare client and select physician advocates for presentation to CMS distinguishing product


  • Changes in DRG increased amount of reimbursement to hospitals
  • Use increased substantially
  • Relationships with oncologists preserved

More fruitful, efficient partnerships:

Coalition: Kidney Care Partners

Target Audience(s): Congress, CMS

Challenge: Dialysis providers lost money on every patient dialyzed due to inadequate reimbursement and no mechanism for annual index


  • Created coalition of all kidney health stakeholders – physician groups, patient organizations, dialysis providers, corporate vendors of dialysis products
  • Developed presentation for MedPAC on true costs of dialysis
  • Worked with Patton Boggs (lobbyists) to inform key Congressional leaders
  • Executed grassroots campaign in key Congressional districts, including visits to dialysis centers

Result: Increase in reimbursement included and passed in Medicare authorization

Coalition continues under the direction of Patton Boggs