Our Approach

CryerHealth integrates research-based assessments, multi-perspective analysis, and frontline experience from across healthcare and non-healthcare industries to develop innovative and effective business solutions to challenges in healthcare today and tomorrow. We leverage our strong, longstanding networks to create the most receptive environment for your initiatives. We bring particular expertise and emphasis on elevating perspective of patients, physicians, and communities of color.

Our Services:

We work with clients to accurately define the contours of the environment for their organization, product, or concept, develop appropriate measurable goals and design the most effective strategies to ensure success. We understand the business of healthcare.

Our services include:

Alliance Development/Coalition Building
Alliances between corporations, patient advocacy associations and medical societies can be powerful drivers of innovation. Partnerships based on respect, relevance, and recurrent engagement contribute to brand and product awareness, market penetration, and policy change. At CryerHealth, we provide our clients with world-class expertise in developing strategic alliances to rapidly enhance the impact of health initiatives, programs, and campaigns.

Disease Monitoring – Associations
Keeping abreast of the increasing activity of ever-proliferating patient advocacy associations and medical societies can be a time-consuming and costly challenge. CryerHealth Disease Monitoring — Associations briefs aggregate the key meetings, staff changes, policy positions, and initiatives of organizations in a disease state in a format that can be used across advocacy, medical affairs, and marketing teams.

Disease Monitoring – Patient Communities
Beyond associations, the past ten years has seen a rise in the number of patient bloggers, online communities, and individual communications on social media platforms. CryerHealth Disease Monitoring – Patient Communities briefs aggregate trending conversation topics, issues, and active e-patients with strategic insights in a format that can be used across advocacy, medical affairs, corporate communications and marketing teams.

External Medical Affairs
The CryerHealth external medical affairs team is led by Dennis R. Cryer, MD, FAHA, award-winning scientist-researcher and former Vice President for Bristol-Myers Squibb with experience launch 2 blockbuster drugs and overseeing the external relationships with medical societies for several brands domestically and internationally. We support large pharmaceutical companies and emerging biotech and device firms to create science-based opportunities for collaboration with policymakers and other key stakeholders.

Healthcare Landscape Assessments
CryerHealth integrates research-based assessments, multi-perspective analysis, and frontline experience in the healthcare industry and in specific therapeutic areas to counsel clients on how best to engage and enter markets, red-flagging sensitive issues, highlighting needs and gaps in services, and identifying key players for collaboration.

Program Development/Augmentation
CryerHealth supports the new program development of our clients via assessment, design, implementation, and evaluation, to name a few. At CryerHealth we listen and learn to give your program the patient-centric perspective it deserves.

Solution Centers
CryerHealth Solution Centers bring together experts, innovators, academicians, and community thoughtleaders to problem-solve on your behalf. One to two day facilitated sessions provide you a unique multi-perspective, multi-disciplinary idea generation experience that results in actionable recommendations.

Speaking/Meeting Facilitation
CryerHealth executives are poised and knowledgeable public speakers and meeting facilitators. From keynote speeches to panel discussions, CryerHealth can inject timely patient and physician insights, health policy assessments, and healthcare industry expertise into your meeting or event

Stakeholder Roundtables
At CryerHealth we believe in a creating cultures of trust, communication, and conversation that produce tangible outcomes. Our expansive network of contacts can be quickly convened or new diverse parties can be invited to break down communication barriers and galvanize competing perspectives to create functioning stakeholder communities.

Strategic Consulting
As patient-centric strategic management consultants we believe in creating real-world ready healthcare solutions for our clients. Our strategic consulting service draws from our expertise in physician and patient-engagement strategies, leadership development, team-building, program planning, and communications. Contact Us to schedule an appointment.